Smiling Young Male on Blue BackgroundThe oral surgeons of Coastal Virginia Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery see many Chesapeake residents who have loose or missing teeth and need to have tooth replacement. Regardless of whether that means one tooth, a few teeth, or an entire smile, our doctors are experienced in placing dental implants in order to restore the oral function of their patients.

When it comes to tooth replacement options, our doctors most often recommend dental implants to Chesapeake patients who are considered to be good candidates for the procedure. Dental implants, the most recommended tooth replacement system on the market today, are an easy solution for filling in the gaps missing teeth have left. If you’ve been skeptical about the effectiveness of dental implants, we want to provide you with some advantages they have over other options on the market.

What Dental Implants Uniquely Offer

Dental implants are small titanium screws that are surgically implanted into the jaw. After they have been placed, the jawbone gradually heals around them, making them secure and permanent in the mouth. After a few months of healing time, our doctors will place an abutment and a crown to the top of the dental implant. The result is a new tooth that mimics natural teeth more effectively than other options.

There are many reasons why dental implants are the most sought-after tooth replacement system on the market today. They have many advantages over other options, including:

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1. Dental implants are aesthetically pleasing

Many Chesapeake residents choose dental implants over other options because they are aesthetically pleasing. They look just like natural teeth and restore patients’ ability to smile with confidence.

Other options on the market do not look as natural as dental implants and usually do not match neighboring teeth. Additionally, other options often become stained by certain foods or drinks.

2. Dental implants restore oral function

Another benefit of dental implants over other options is that they restore oral function for patients. This means that Chesapeake men and women are able to eat, drink, and speak like they did when they had their natural teeth.

Other tooth replacement options are able to restore oral function but come with some restrictions. For example, dentures are prone to slipping and sliding around the mouth, causing problems with speaking and eating.

3. Dental implants are strong

Dental implants are the strongest tooth replacement system on the market today. Because of this, patients aren’t restricted in their diet. In fact, when you choose dental implants, you can eat all the popcorn and peanut brittle you want!

Other tooth replacement options are weaker and more prone to breaking. Chesapeake patients who have dentures or bridges aren’t able to enjoy certain foods for fear of cracking a crown.

4. Dental implants are easy to care for

Patients of Coastal Virginia Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery are always excited to hear that dental implants are easy to care for and only require normal oral hygiene to maintain. Patients are only required to regularly brush, floss, use an antibacterial mouthwash, and visit their general dentist for biannual cleanings.

For those who choose to have other tooth replacement options like dentures or bridges, special products are required to keep them clean.

5. Dental implants last a lifetime

Dental implants are permanent and can last a lifetime as long they are properly cared for.

On the other hand, dentures and bridges require replacements over the years. They are prone to damage and do not stimulate the jawbone; therefore, the jawbone changes shape, and these tooth replacement systems become loose and do not fit properly.

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Our doctors have years of experience placing dental implants. Patients are their top priority, and they are careful to utilize the latest techniques and technologies when placing dental implants.

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