Smiling Mature Female Resting Chin on HandWhen our doctors visit with potential Virginia Beach patients who are interested in receiving dental implants, one of their biggest concerns is whether or not they will experience any permanent dietary restrictions once their implants have healed. This is a great question, and one that our doctors understand, since many tooth-replacement options of old have kept people from enjoying their favorite foods and drinks.

Our doctors are happy to say that the quick and easy answer to this common question is, “No, you won’t have any permanent dietary restrictions with your dental implants.” In fact, this is one of the main reasons people choose dental implants in the first place—dietary freedom! However, our doctors always point out that their patients will have some restrictions during their healing period in order to protect their dental implants.

Keep reading as we talk more about what you can expect regarding the short-term dietary restrictions in the days following your implant placement, and how you’ll be free to eat your heart out after your implants have healed.

Short-Term Dietary Restrictions Immediately Following Your Dental Implants Placement

As we mentioned above, Virginia Beach dental implants patients will be required to restrict what they eat and drink for a short period of time after placement in order to protect your new implants and gums.

For about two weeks following your dental implants procedure, avoid eating foods that put excessive pressure on your implants and gums. Soft foods should be eaten during this time, but try not to slack when it comes to nutrition.

Our doctors do not require Virginia Beach dental implants patients to only consume liquids after surgery, though liquids might be the most comfortable choice the day or two following your procedure. Soft foods and liquids you should consider consuming in the days following dental implants placement are:

Puréed soup
Pure fruit or vegetable juices
Bone broths
Protein shakes
Herbal tea
Hearty soups
Greek yogurt

Frozen yogurt
Mashed potatoes
Canned peaches
Canned pears
Mashed bananas
Scrambled eggs
Boiled eggs

Pudding or custard
Ice cream
Ripe avocado
Cottage cheese
Instant oatmeal
Flaky fish

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Resuming Your Normal Diet After Dental Implants

One of the benefits patients love most about dental implants is the freedom they have to eat and drink what they want. Especially Virginia Beach men and women who have suffered from loose or missing teeth for years, getting back to a normal diet is a welcomed change.

About three weeks after the placement of your dental implants, you can begin enjoying your favorite foods just like you did when you had your healthy, natural teeth. After you resume your normal dietary habits, you’ll notice no difference between them and your natural teeth. Because dental implants are permanently placed into the jawbone, they are strong and secure. In addition, dental implants feel like natural teeth, and they won’t move around when you bite, chew, or speak.

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