Young Smiling Male in Black Glasses and Dress ShirtOur doctors at Coastal Virginia Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Virginia Beach see hundreds of patients every year about wisdom teeth removal. When determining the best course of action for this procedure, our doctors will sit down with every patient for a one-on-one consultation. During this appointment, they will perform an examination, take any needed images, and discuss your options for your wisdom teeth removal.

Many Virginia Beach patients are often curious about whether or not all of their wisdom teeth can be removed at once, or if they should break up their treatment into multiple procedures. Keep reading as we talk more about wisdom teeth, the problems they can cause, and how our doctors can safely and effectively remove them for you.

Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Problems if They Aren’t Removed

A little history about wisdom teeth: wisdom teeth are the third set of molars, and they typically arrive in the mouth during your late teens or early 20s. The reason these teeth arrive later in life is that our ancestors needed them. Without proper oral hygiene, our ancestors often lost their teeth prematurely or suffered from broken teeth. Now, thanks to modern oral healthcare, we don’t technically need our wisdom teeth for oral function, so there’s really no reason to keep them. In fact, if they are left in place, wisdom teeth often cause problems for our doctor’s patents.

For many Virginia Beach residents, wisdom teeth are impacted. This means that they’re unable to properly emerge from the gumline normally, and instead, they push against the jawbone and other surrounding teeth. This pressure causes discomfort for patients and can lead to damaged tooth roots and bone.

Beyond discomfort, many patients experience overcrowding, infection, persistent bad breath, and cavities in their wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth removal is the only way to protect against these symptoms or relive those that have already started.

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Removing All of Your Wisdom Teeth at One Time

Virginia Beach men, women, and teens who are considering wisdom teeth removal should visit our doctors for an initial consultation to find out how many wisdom teeth they have, and what condition their wisdom teeth are in. In almost every circumstance, our doctors recommend the removal of all wisdom teeth at one time. This one procedure will reduce your incurred costs, recovery time, overall discomfort, and the inconvenience of multiple surgeries.

The Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

When you come into Coastal Virginia Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Virginia Beach for your wisdom teeth removal, our doctors will provide you with either local anesthesia, sedation anesthesia, or general anesthesia to make sure you are completely comfortable and unaware of your procedure through its entirety.

After you are relaxed and completely sedated, our doctors will then begin the wisdom teeth removal process by making an incision into the gums in order to expose each tooth and underlying bone. Depending on the state of your jawbone, tooth root, and tooth, our doctors may have to cut your tooth into pieces to remove it or remove a bit of bone so they can access the bottom of your wisdom tooth.

After your wisdom teeth removal is completed, our doctors will clean the area and close the wound with stitches to encourage healing.

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