In Office 3-D Digital Imaging

Doctors Beale and Yeh are committed to uncompromising excellence. At Coastal Virginia Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we have state of art diagnostic imaging equipment available. Simply put, the 3-D digital imaging system is an in-office CAT scan, sometimes referred to as a cone beam scan. It provides highly accurate, high definition, 3-D images and information. The information obtained from these studies is more accurate than traditional X-rays. Although traditional X-rays can be used for the many surgical procedures, some anatomical structures can be distorted, overlapped or not visualized. A digital 3-D scan is similar to a medical CAT scan, but with less radiation and decreased cost. Cross sections of the jaws can be seen, and the distance to critical structures such as nerves can be measured. You can imagine the huge diagnostic advantage this technology offers the doctor of being able to see the teeth, jaws, and nerves in three dimensions. 
For implant patients, a digital 3-D scan provides important diagnostic information for the surgeon to obtain optimal implant positioning in the jaws. It also assists in determining if bone grafting or a sinus lift procedure will be needed in areas of inadequate bone to support the implant.

Information obtained in a digital 3-D scan aids in the diagnosis and surgical planning for many procedures including dental implants, mouth and jaw reconstruction, impacted tooth removal, and treatment of cysts and tumors. Since the digital 3-D scan is an accurate anatomical representation, many times, a more conservative surgery can be planned based on the scan. The digital 3-D scan is accomplished right in our office in a comfortable open environment, and only takes a very short amount of time(less than 3 minutes). We will work closely with you and your dentist to ensure an outstanding result. At Coastal Virginia Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,we are dedicated to quality patient care in a comfortable and pleasant setting.